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Radio and television interview programs featuring timely topics of interest to older adults and their families


About the host

Cheryl Beversdorf is the producer and host of AGING MATTERS -- radio and television programs featuring interviews with experts who talk about issues of interest to older adults and their families.

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TV Show

Our weekly radio program presents individuals with expertise about a broad array of aging related topics. The show is broadcast on podcast sites and made available for downloading on grassroots community radio stations affiliated with Pacifica Network. Produced in an interview format, guests educate and inform listeners about timely topics that impact the lives of older adults and their families. The program's focus is to help ensure longer and healthier lives for older adults.

Radio programs are available in Podcast format and can be accessed through major providers such as AppleSpotify, RedCircle and many others. 

Our TV Show offers interviews with aging experts and includes demonstrations of how aging related subjects benefit the lives of older adults and their families. A series of programs called “Stories of Life,” showcases guests who share ways their lives made a difference to them and to their community.

Aging Matters TV shows can be viewed on our YouTube channel. Subscribe to the channel to receive updates on new shows. 

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Purple Flower

May 14, 2024

2:00 PM

Community-Based Health Care Services

Marcie Campbell, MSSA, Vice President of Marketing and Intake (Cherry Blossom Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly - PACE)

Purple Flower

May 7, 2024

2:00 PM

Intergenerational Relationships

Lauren Dunning, JD, MPH, Director (Center for the Future of Aging, Milken Institute), and Trent Stamp, MPP, CEO (The Eisner Foundation)

Purple Flower

May 21, 2024

2:00 PM

Age Equity

Sheila Callaham, MA, Executive Director (Age Equity Alliance)

Purple Flower

May 282024

2:00 PM

Elder Mediation

Jeannette Twomey, JD, Virginia Certified Mediator (Mediate Virginia)

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