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About the Program

There's never been a better time to be an older American. We are living longer and healthier lives than previous generations. But a longer life sometimes brings challenges that require older adults and their families to seek resources and solutions so as to lead more productive lives and cope with unforeseen circumstances.


AGING MATTERS is a weekly radio program featuring individuals with expertise about a broad array of aging-related topics. The show is broadcast on podcasts and promoted among Pacifica Network community radio affiliates. Produced in an interview format, guests educate and inform listeners about timely topics that impact the lives of older adults and their families. The program focus is to help older adults live better and longer.


AGING MATTERS is also a TV Show that presents interviews with aging experts and includes demonstrations of how aging related subjects benefit the lives of older adults and their families. A series of programs called “Stories of Life” feature personal accounts of older adults who describe notable events that made a difference in their own lives and enhanced their communities.

Learn more about our host Cheryl Beversdorf

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